Today was better. I picked up the random green and yellow piece again today. It resisted everything I tried to do to it, until I realised that the shapes are a collection of memories, and that they are complete in themselves. All they needed was a simple running stitch outline. I’m calling this piece ‘Re-collecting Spring’:

I’m taking a short break at the weekend, to try and make friends with this:

My friend found it for me at a car boot sale last week. The picture shows it before I cleaned it, so it already looks much better. I’ve also replaced the hooks, drive band and tension springs. I’m a recent convert to spinning, having acquired a drop spindle for my birthday a couple of months ago. I managed to teach myself to use the drop spindle, but I have no idea (yet!) how a spinning wheel works.

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8 Responses to Re-collecting

  1. Simple, but very effective. Your quilt looks good.

  2. Ro Bruhn says:

    If you've ever used a treadle sewing machine, the spinning wheel has the same action. Just practice using the foot peddle until you get a rhythm going before you start spinning the fleece.

  3. Marie says:

    Oh, this looks fun! I am thinking of Rapunzel and the gold she spun. I look forward to hearing how it goes…: )

  4. deemallon says:

    I love the play of the watery print with your 'memory' squares… very nice.good luck spinning. i've used a drop spindle, but never a wheel, but i've always assumed a wheel wd. be easier.

  5. karen says:

    good luck with the spinning. Years ago (and I mean years, I had just left school) I worked in a woolen mill, my job was ''savio twister'' rows and rows of spinning and twisting machinery, happy days! yet I have never used one of these, wouldn't know where to start. Will you show us your results?

  6. HelloI've just found you via Gunnels blog which is funny as I live in West Yorkshire !!! Your needlework is amazing.Twiggy x

  7. Hello, One way to get a nice rhythm in treadling is to sing row row your boat as you treadle get comfortable with the use of the treadle before trying to hold the fleece. Have the fleece elongated and light in the hand its the "have to let go" to spin. Trust in the process of drawing out the threads let the spin come to meet your hand you draw with and draw again spin draw. good luck, Diane

  8. Hello Kaye, I followed you home from my blog :} Very excited to find your work! I can tell I'm going to enjoy following this blog.Love the "Re-collecting Spring" and what a fabulous name. It's like you've been gathering from some delicious potage! I love the non-strightened edges on these shapes. It feels like a very jolly scene to me.Green and Yellow are not colors I would "normally" try myself, but your piece here is so convincing that it makes it very tempting! The closest I've got is thinking about Blue and Green, and infact I'm planning what I think will be a wall hanging, using those two. But that will be in a while, as I have a bucnh of stuff to finish and am waiting for a certain piece of cloth to arrive from Sandy at Inanna Shamaya blog.Nice to meet you 🙂 Looking forward to a great Sunday morning read!

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