More white

You might remember the patchwork pattern I posted a few days ago – the one made from freezer paper. This is it after piecing and with some yarn draped over it:

I hand pieced the fabrics over paper, using a dark blue variegated thread so that the stitches show.

There are lots of different fabrics – cottons, satins, silks, synthetics, lace and sheers. I like the way the textures talk to each other. I was going to put a printed fabric underneath the white surface, but that didn’t look right. Then I tried a patterned black net, which looks much better. When you hold the whole thing up to the light, the web pattern on the black net is much more noticeable, and that made me think of doing this:

I like it so far, but it’s not quite finished yet. I’ve noticed that patchwork has become my personal metaphor for piecing memories together. The web motif holds and connects the memories.

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3 Responses to More white

  1. ancientcloth says:

    Love all the textures going on here. The web makes me think of so many different things…very nice!

  2. Like a frosty morning… I remember those! This is gorgeous!

  3. Susan says:

    This is beautiful! I really like the way the black web is peeking through in some areas echoing the larger white web. Lovely texture…

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