I mean slow in its literal sense (taking a long time), not in the ‘slow cloth’ sense that has been the subject of recent interest.

‘A Perhaps Hand’ is going to take a lot longer than I thought. Not only have I stitched down a tiny cotton cutwork edging, I’ve also begun quilting the window panes:

The needle (in the first picture) measures exactly 1″ in length, so you can see that the stitches are actually quite big, as far as quilting is concerned, but because some of the fabrics are pima cotton batiks, they’re very tough to stitch by hand. Even with a thimble, it’s hard going. From a distance, the stitches are almost invisible. I don’t mind that so much, because I like more to become apparent the closer you get. It encourages closer inspection. That’s an interesting thought: it’s just struck me that I’m quite like that myself.

Because ‘A Perhaps Hand’ is becoming quite intensive, I’m organising another simpler cloth based around this little piece of patchwork:

The patchwork panel measures about 7″ square and is made of silk fabrics. Some are recognisably from silk ties.
I’m going to compose some sort of picture:

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2 Responses to Slow

  1. Deborah says:

    I also enjoy alternating working on different pieces. I really like the colors in both of these.

  2. ancientcloth says:

    Love the patchwork, all the different fabrics…lovely.

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