Thank you everyone who has already participated in my fabric swap. Four fun packages are at this very moment on an aeroplane out of the UK en route to some exotic destinations. I have three packs left. If I still have them at the end of the week, I’ll donate them to some charitable cause and then delete the rest of yesterday’s post.

Today I’ve made a small piece (9″ square) using some of the fabrics I got from Cathy Cullis:

It’s quite pink. These are fabrics dyed with strawberry and madder. I added my own greens. Although pink isn’t usually one of my favourite colours, I like this. Sometimes even the hardest of us needs a bit of pink. And we all need hearts floating around us in the sky. I have plans for the rest of the fabric, which is mostly yellows and dark blues – something a bit ‘darker’ – not just darker in colour/tone. Something that gets me back to memory and remembering.

I’ve also brought this downstairs to do in the evenings:

It’s a large motif (about 12″) cut from a vintage cotton skirt. I’m thinking perhaps cushion cover. I’ll do needle-turned applique to attach the motif to the background. I have some 1″ squares prepared from some of the same fabric for a border.

I also finished the blue patchwork-by-stealth, but I forgot to take photos…

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4 Responses to Pink

  1. Sandra says:

    This is a really lovely quilt, I love the flying balloons and the small stiches and … I love pink. Would have loved to do a swap with you but unfortunately I don't have any neutral fabrics at the moment.XXX

  2. Deborah says:

    It's lovely, with soft shading.

  3. That's really pretty! I'm definately not a pink person, but even I have moments of wanting that! I like the way that these colors are kind of off, or they look that way, like the green is sometimes not bright, but a little softened with a hint of pink??? Nicely judged!I LOVE the flower motif! Wow! Can't wait to see where taht takes you. Exciting!

  4. Kaye Turner says:

    Thanks, Deborah.Yes, the colours are quite muted, Catherine; I guess that comes from the natural dye process. But you know all about that, with all your pots and pans and beetroot juice ;-)Sandra, I hope I persuaded you to come and swap!

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