Spring Skies

This one is now complete and is heading for the shop. I find I like it more than I thought I did, though with some reservations.  I have been thinking about how this cloth is very different from ‘Thirteen Moons’.  Not just in subject matter and expression, but qualitatively different.  Partly it’s accounted for by the fabrics, I think.  If you’re using printed fabrics, there is somehow less you can do with them.  They are already someone else’s design before you’ve started.  And some printed fabrics are recognisably from a ‘collection’ or manufacturer’s range.  I find I much prefer the hand-dyed approach, or even just plain fabric.  In ‘Spring Skies’ I was trying to use up lots of tiny scraps because I don’t like to waste anything.  I’m glad I used them, but I’m still left with a slight dissatisfaction.  It’s become a piece that was created for and because of the fabrics; I feel that the fabrics have dictated too much here.  Nevertheless, a valuable experience, and I’m still pleased with it.  I like its naive sunniness.

Today has been a day of administration and experiment.  I’ve done quite an interesting thing involving a large pan and some walnut shells:

Rather pale and interesting, but I quite like it.  The yellowy-green was dyed using some out-of-date echinacea and goldenseal capsules I found in the cupboard.  I haven’t done a single stitch today and have kind of stitched myself into a corner by completing everything. Now I don’t know how to get started again.

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5 Responses to Spring Skies

  1. ancientcloth says:

    The spring piece is so cheerful and love all the different fabrics you incorporated!The dyed fabrics are very lovely and earthy.It will be fun to see how you use them.

  2. julochka says:

    you're right that it has an entirely different feel than the thirteen moons, but i don't think it's necessarily a lesser cloth, simply because of the printed patterns (that may be b/c i'm partial to printed patterns). 🙂 i think it could be partially driven by the 13 moons' subject matter being quite a lot more dense than springy flowers and a sun. it's interesting as a metaphor for taking the light and dark in life and working with them. i think it's wonderful that you have done both. and interesting that the dark side speaks to you a bit more. :-)(so glad you found my blog recently, these are good thoughts and what i was hoping for from the slow cloth group on facebook, but not really finding there). and yes, i'm learning to weave–i started lessons in january and i have even bought my own 130cm loom, tho' it's not set up yet (we're moving soon). i am completely in love with weaving.

  3. Kaye Turner says:

    Thanks, ancientcloth – I don't know what I'll do with the sample fabrics yet…And julochka, thank you for your words. You've really helped my understanding of what I've done here. I really appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts about this. And I'd love to see more of your weaving 🙂

  4. arlee says:

    Experimenting and working differently are valuable lessons. Sometimes its good to work outside our comfort zone, sometimes the discomfort is worth it and sometimes it isn't :} I like the naivete of this piece, but honestly prefer your other art.I feeel the same way about prints–hand dyes on the other hand–YUMTH factor. And something will no doubt fall in the right place and your next work will happen!

  5. Kaye Turner says:

    Thanks, Arlee. I think hand-dyeing is probably the way forward…

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