Remembering III is under way, along with a couple of other new pieces that I haven’t photographed yet.

The centre is a vintage cutwork linen mat with a crocheted doily stitched on top.  The borders will be collaged with textured vintage white fabrics.

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3 Responses to Remembering

  1. Sandra says:

    Hi Kate,This is getting really lovely.Yesterday I received your parcel. I'm very pleased with it. You've been very generous. I love all the fabrics. I'm already using the one with the coloured dots in my mood cloth.I feel inspired by the photo's cloth (New York?) I've never seen such fabric.I hope your packet will arrive soon and I hope you'll like the fabrics too.Thanks Kate!XXX

  2. Kaye Turner says:

    That's great news, Sandra. Yours arrived today, and I must say the same to you – you were very generous too, and the fabrics are just perfect. Thank you xx

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