Fabrics from my swap last month are still arriving, and it’s great!

Just look at this package of loveliness that arrived this morning:

These are from the lovely Catherine.  There are some of her wonderful naturally hand-dyed fabrics, along with beads, threads, ribbons and some really interesting textures.  I particularly like this piece of textured silk:
But my favourite thing in this delightful package is this:
You would not believe how tiny and delicate the stitches are in that top left area.  I’ll be saving this piece for a very special cloth that I intend to make for myself over the next few months.  It will be a cloth for my new workroom/studio, in our new house that we haven’t found yet.  But it will happen, and I’ll be ready for it.
And as if all this wasn’t enough, a package of pure delight arrived from another very special blogging friend:
Thank you, Jude – I’ll be saving some of these just for me as well.
I have about a thousand ideas in my head at the moment, and plenty to be getting on with – but this idea of a cloth for me and my workroom has really taken hold.  How good it would be to make this cloth with pieces of fabric that my new friends have chosen for me – a collection of new memories making a blanket of friendship…
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3 Responses to Fabrics

  1. jude says:

    always good to have friends, fabric friends too.

  2. yeah… it got there! Sorry it took me so long to mail it. I am busy making samples right now from some pattens I've designed, which are taking me forever to stitch, and half way through I think… "hmmmm, think I'll keep this for myself". Cloths for oneself are important too! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what develops!

  3. Deborah says:

    What fabulous fiber pieces! You have some great friends.

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