After two hours of ironing, the fabrics are dry and ready to use:

My approach to hand-dyeing isn’t very knowledgeable or scientific, nor is it particularly ‘arty’.  I know there are some purists out there who think that the intuitive, experimental approach can never be ‘proper art’ because there has to be some serious and statemented intention to begin with.  Well, my intention was just to colour some fabric.  Purists, look away now – I just mixed up some colours, put them in a bag with some fabric and left them for a while to see what would happen.  However, I do think it’s possible to take this approach while still maintaining due respect for the cloth and the process.  I will probably never be one of the world’s master-dyers, but that’s OK.  I do it purely for the satisfaction and enjoyment of it.
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12 Responses to Dye

  1. arlee says:

    I figure if the results make you happy, WTH–i subscribe to the same methods :)These all have very high YUMTH Factor!

  2. Quilt Rat says:

    I am with you! I do just about everything that way. If you stick to rules and guidelines set out by others, how will you ever discover something new?LOVE your results btw

  3. Amo House says:

    If you did a class Kaye, it would be the kind of class I could cope with and enjoy. Keep on doin your own thing, it's working!Amo

  4. karen says:

    I saw these on flickr and thought they were so beautiful, you go with it. The pleasure is so important, don't ever lose that. Also I was thinking about your card thing, (printing that you mentioned) I have been racking my brains and can only come up with moo, they do postcards but may be expensive. However, I will continue to rack my brains!

  5. Ro Bruhn says:

    What a gorgeous array of colours, thought out or not they look wonderful.

  6. Deb G says:

    I was following links from Gerdiary and came to visit. I like your colors and approach!

  7. jude says:

    there are many layers of intent.

  8. I bet as a child you were the one who came home from school with paint and grass stains all over your dress. Me too! Enjoy! πŸ™‚ This week I get to unwrap my treats from Earthues. So soon you'll get to see how much of a master dyer I am (not!) πŸ™‚

  9. Kaye Turner says:

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments here. Catherine, I was a very neat and clean child, which is why I'm making up for it now! Look forward to seeing your earth-hues colours!

  10. ancientcloth says:

    I love your approach To dying fabric!:)

  11. maggi says:

    The fabrics look great and why shouldn't you do it your way anyway?

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