Square 5

This square is made from fabrics from Dee and Sandra:

The pink/red circles have quite a deep pile, and stitching around them has increased the relief effect.  This square has a really nice texture.  I quilted circles on the deep red checked fabric, and a row of herringbone stitch along the join between the velvet circles fabric and the plain linen next to it.
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5 Responses to Square 5

  1. Barbara says:

    Can't decide which square I like best so far – they all look good – and at this rate of progress you'll soon be done!

  2. Sandra says:

    Hey, it's nice to see the beautiful things you do with my fabric, I also like the idea that it's having a new life in another country 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    And thanks for making a link to my blog, Kaye.XXX

  4. maggi21 says:

    All your squares are beautiful but this one makes me want to stroke it.

  5. this sending of fabric to places far and near is reminding me of how exciting it was to have a pen pal in grade school…love what you've done with the dots!

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