Making Alice yesterday reminded me of this little tree spirit doll I made some years ago:

It’s a dryad, a nature spirit that lives in a tree.  Mine lives in a small willow tree in the garden, and has been outside for the last couple of years or so.  I’ve been reading about erosion bundles on other blogs lately, and I guess this is mine, although I didn’t know it at the time.  This little figure used to live inside the house, with a potted plant, but one day I found myself wondering how it would change if it was left outside in the elements.  Well, it’s faded a little, and has become slightly bedraggled, but I actually think it has more character now than when it looked perfectly new and clean. 

I’ve made a new sample version, which I’ve added to the shop as a custom listing.  I think it might make a thoughtful gift for someone who has just moved house, or for someone who is in the process of designing a garden.  It’s interesting to see how it changes with time, the seasons and the weather.

 Tomorrow I’ll be going back to squares…

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6 Responses to Dryads

  1. Deborah says:

    What a great idea to have her live outside! she's beautiful!

  2. jenclair says:

    She is beautiful, and I love the idea of her living outside in the elements.

  3. ancientcloth says:

    Oh, I love it!She is definitelya garden spirit…adorable.Is she made with wool?

  4. Kaye Turner says:

    Thank you. She's made from a wire frame wrapped with hand-dyed cotton muslin and gauze, with various trims, ribbons and yarns added.

  5. Sandra says:

    I love your garden spirit. XXX

  6. Kaye Turner says:

    Thanks, Sandra x

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