Square 11

I am really enjoying working on this cloth.  I regularly switch from looking at each square individually to looking at the rest of the cloth as it grows, just to make sure that the stitches hold everything together as a coherent whole. 

Square 11 is made from one piece of fabric, layered over a foundation of lightweight calico.  This is a fairly loose-weave muslin/cheesecloth, hand-dyed by a good friend who lives nearby and given to me as a gift.  It seemed fairly obvious where the stitches were to go:

Once again, some of my hand-dyed thread was just the right colour.  This is actually cotton crochet yarn, space dyed with Procion.  You can just see through the weave of the fabric to the calico beneath.
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2 Responses to Square 11

  1. Kayla coo says:

    I love tie dye and stitch.Look forward to seeing how you develope this.

  2. Sandra says:

    What a lovely gift from your friend. And joining the fabric with your stitches symbolizes the connection you have with your friend.

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