Square 12

More furnishing fabric on this one, so quite substantial in weight and texture.  I added narrow borders of cotton and linen.  The central piece is a small offcut of a fabric with oriental-type (Chinese?) characters woven as part of the design:

I really like the black and cream detail on the edge of this square. 

When I rotate the square backwards through 90 degrees, I get something like a ‘K’:

I’m not usually one for writing my name on things, but this seemed serendipitously appropriate for ‘my’ cloth.
Rope stitch outline using hand-dyed crochet yarn.
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2 Responses to Square 12

  1. maggi says:

    The mix of fabric weights is making this so interesting. I like the way the rope stitch looks as an outline, having just discovered it on TAST2

  2. Sandra says:

    I think the same about naming things, but this K puts you among your friends, and that is really nice. XXX

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