I’ve been working on a cushion cover to complement the friendship cloth, using some of my hand-dyed fabrics and also some swap fabrics.  I really like this method of constructing patchwork, where you layer fabrics onto backing squares and then stitch the layered squares together in the usual way.  The cushion cover is basically a nine-patch block measuring 18″ square:

Partially quilted; you can see the tacking threads in some areas.  I tried Jude’s fabric strip weaving in the lower left corner square, since I had a few very thin strips of hand-dyed cotton.  The central heart motif is satin stitched with silk thread – a similar weight to cotton perle no. 5, but very lustrous.  I think I’ll have to work over it somehow as the stitches are quite long, and I wonder how stable they’ll be over time.  The central panel is a vintage hand-stitched linen mat that I dyed the other week.
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10 Responses to Cushioning

  1. meetmeinthedayroom says:

    I really love this. It's calm. I could stare at it for hours just to look at the stitches. I love that it's East meets West, but without being cheesy.

  2. karen says:

    I adore everything about this, the fabric, the construction the edges, the stitching. It reminds me of 'before'. Do you remember 'before' or is it just me?

  3. Kaye Turner says:

    um… before…?

  4. maggi says:

    This is such a tranquil piece.

  5. Mnemosyne says:

    its really coming together beautifully. i see a lot of you emerging in it. very nice!

  6. Kaye Turner says:

    Thank you all for your encouragement and support – I'm surprised by how tranquil this piece feels.

  7. karen says:

    before….before I grew upbefore I had to think about c..pbefore life got 'adult'before responsibility

  8. Kaye Turner says:

    I think I still live in that 'before' time… now I know what you mean though 😉

  9. Elizabeth says:

    This pieces gives a real soothing feeling, just like friendship can be.

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