Two Squares

Back to squares on the friendship cloth this week.
Square 14:

Lovely hand-dyed silk… deliberately wavy-lined grid, echoing the fluid feel of the silk fabric.

And Square 15:

Cotton jersey and velour-type fabrics all the way from Costa Rica, paired with my hand-dyed dupion silk.  This has turned out to be one of my favourite squares in the cloth.
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5 Responses to Two Squares

  1. jenny says:

    beautiful colors and stitches going on here! you inspire as usual xx

  2. karen says:

    square 15 is my favourite too. Loved it when I first saw it on flickr. Posted your book today, fingers crossed!

  3. Ro Bruhn says:

    This is coming along very nicely indeed.

  4. Judy Martin says:

    a simple feeling, yet thoughtful.makes me think of mid century colour field painting on a miniature scale.i like.

  5. Deb G says:

    The texture is shining through…

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