May sunrise

‘We were up long before the day-o…
…to welcome in the summer, to welcome in the May-o…
… for summer is a-coming in…
…and winter’s gone away-o’
The words are from a traditional May Day song, which a little crowd of us were singing at 5.30 this morning.  Beltane (May Day) signals the start of summer in the pagan calendar.  Skylarks sang with us, the Morris men danced, and the sun rose. 
A small cloth for Beltane.  Many (219, I think) 2cm squares, hand pieced, to welcome in the summer.
I’m now signing off for a long bank holiday, and will be back on Wednesday.  Enjoy the sunshine in your life this weekend.
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5 Responses to May sunrise

  1. maggi says:

    Lovely photos and the Beltane piece. Very scary Morris Men though! Enjoy your BH.

  2. jude says:

    i really like what you have done, making a circle from squares! the execution of the concept is perfect.

  3. Kaye Turner says:

    Circles and squares are my favourite shapes 🙂 thanks jude

  4. Sandra says:

    Lovely post Kaye. I'm fond of summer. Have a very nice holiday.XXX

  5. twhIch aye says:

    oh looks like it was a beautiful morning… and the beltane cloth is amazing. lovely colors and tiny squares.

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