Stitched up

From yesterday’s ‘in pieces’, we go to today’s ‘stitched up’ – or even ‘stitched together’ – all of which could be construed as a comment on our country’s current political situation, but in fact  I refer to the third of the Memory Keepers:

This one is made from 15 silk patches, hand pieced, hand stitched and lined.  The base is a circle of wool felt covered in silk. 
This Keeper holds a secret:

The little silk velvet heart is stitched on the inside – to the lining.  This Keeper is reversible, so you can have the heart on the outside and the patchwork on the inside, or vice versa.  The lining fabric is from a silk tie and features flying pheasants, and there are some little gold beads stitched around the top edge. 

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9 Responses to Stitched up

  1. karen says:

    this is gorgeous, just one cross, brilliant.

  2. Deborah says:

    So beautiful! It's nice that it's reversible.

  3. Dotti says:

    These vessels are so appropriate for the keeping of treasures! I appreciated your gently spoken political statement as well. We used to have some quiet spaces in between elections but not any more. I think the mainstream, ordinary, everyday folks in our country (USA) are very tired of politics in general and yet we are bombarded with it 24/7 even if we only turn on the telly to get the weather report. I find comfort in the handling of my cloth whatever the project may be.

  4. twhIch aye says:

    wow turned out so nice… that blue heart almost looks like some type of stone/glass…

  5. Kaye Turner says:

    Silk velvet has such a lot of depth. Actually the heart is very pale green/yellow in reality, but yes, it does look like a little jewel.

  6. Sandra says:

    Hi Kate, I haven't been here for sometime because I was on holiday. I must say you have been very busy. I think your memory keepers are wonderful!!XXX

  7. maggi says:

    A beautiful transformation and I love the fact that it is reversible.

  8. I love how it came out!

  9. Karen S says:

    Just gorgeous…deep color and the little heart is such a nice counterpoint!

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