Two squares

Square 22 is, unusually, just one piece of fabric.  No layering, no patchwork, no collage.  It’s almost the very last piece of one of my favourite batik cottons:

And Square 23 is also very simple, made from Catherine’s hand-dyed cotton and silk:
Sometimes very simple is best.
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11 Responses to Two squares

  1. Lainie says:

    FB won't let me comment – but these are lovely, Kaye. I was looking at my old work last week and thought: radical simplification is the next step.

  2. Sandra says:

    Gorgeous! I love this fabric and your little stiches give a flow to it, adding some extra glow to this lovely fabric.XXX

  3. Kayla coo says:

    Hi Kaye,love the green fabric.Just to let you know it's in the post.x

  4. @home says:

    Just love that top fabric, It may be just one piece of fabric, but by stitching into it it has made it much more, a 3D like quality. Are these going towards a bigger something?

  5. maggi says:

    The simplicity is lovely and the way you have stitched the top piece makes the circles look as if they have been appliqued.

  6. ger says:

    Sometimes simple is best, indeed = reduced to the max……

  7. Quilt Rat says:

    I can see why that one would be a favourite. It is beautiful and your stitches are adding even more. Fantastic!

  8. arlee says:

    wow the top ones GLOW with the stitching!

  9. Kaye Turner says:

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments. Some of you have 'no reply' blogger email addresses so I can't respond direct to some of you.In answer to @home, yes, these squares are part of the friendship cloth – you can see more by finding the label 'friendship cloth' in the right hand sidebar. All the squares are also in their own set on my flickr page.

  10. julochka says:

    i can see why that's a favorite piece of batik cotton – just gorgeous!

  11. karen says:

    simple is good. Love the bottom image.

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