The Penultimate Square

I feel as if there should be some sort of little drum roll or something here.  Maybe I’ll save that for the last square tomorrow.  If you need a reminder of how all this started, then here is the label that should take you through the whole process from the start. You’ll need to scroll right down the page and go to ‘older posts’ in order to find the beginning, and then you should be able to read upwards from there.  I hope that makes sense.
Square 24 is also very simple:

Just one piece of fabric, which was already embroidered with golden brown chain stitch, and which I’ve outlined in running stitch.  I have some vague plan at a later date to applique a little landscape over the top of this, where the blue will be sky. 
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3 Responses to The Penultimate Square

  1. i can hear the drum roll!! it has been fun to follow this process. each square has been so delicious and the sum, even more so!

  2. Jacky says:

    What a luscious fabric…that little bit of outline stitching is just the perfect touch…it is so beautiful it doesnt need much does it?This will be such a special quilt and deserved of a big drum roll.Must be satisfying to have done the last block.Jacky xox

  3. maggi says:

    I agree that a huge drum roll is needed. Thank you for the link back to the start. Having found you later is has been interesting to go back and follow your journey.

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