5 and 6

It’s been quite a solitary weekend as my husband has a nasty cold and quarantined himself upstairs, so I’ve been able to spend more time stitching than is ordinarily possible at weekends.  Perhaps I should also point out that my blog doesn’t happen in real time, so I’m not actually as non-stop-busy as I appear to be.  Usually by the time something appears on the blog it has already been completed for a day or two and is resting before it appears in public – gathering its energy, preparing to be looked at.  

Over the last couple of days I’ve worked on two more summer leafkeepers:

I like working on this scale, although it can be quite intensive.  These little pieces might be small, but they take between 3-4 hours each.
The foreground of this one (above) is made from a bit of hand-dyed cotton dishcloth.  The knitted texture is very good for suggesting some sort of summer meadow-type grass land.
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10 Responses to 5 and 6

  1. @home says:

    Beautiful, I'm not going to miss out this time!

  2. Kaye Turner says:

    thank you @home 🙂

  3. Karin says:

    Those trees are lovely! Wish the trees in our garden were just as colourful 🙂

  4. Quilt Rat says:

    What you are able to do in such a small space absolutely amazes me. Such depth, movement and energy!Fabulous!!!!

  5. karen says:

    beautiful as ever. Can't wait to get mine!!

  6. Sweetpea says:

    These are so lovely, Kaye! I especially enjoy the super close-ups so that I can really see the stitching detail. My goodness, that is one lucky dishcloth :>]]

  7. Amo House says:

    You're right! The 'v's in the knitting look like the 'v's on a ear of wheat.

  8. Lyn says:

    They are beautiful. so detailed.LoveLynxxx

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