The cloth, the whole cloth…

… and nothing but the cloth:

After a fortnight of extreme weather (too hot, too cold, too sunny, too dark, too wet, too windy), Saturday was just right for taking the friendship cloth outside for its first picture in its entirety. 
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15 Responses to The cloth, the whole cloth…

  1. maggi says:

    Thanks for the photo, it is so good to see it in its entirety. The squares are larger than I had imagined

  2. Trudis Felt says:

    The cloth is fantastic! I love the little details such as the purple hart.

  3. Kaye Turner says:

    Thank you both – there will be lots more details added over the years, Trudi

  4. Jacky says:

    Thanks for the photo…your friendship quilt looks beautiful all finished. I love the pieced border, great effect.Jacky xox

  5. ohhhhhh it is just very very finein every way…i want to keep looking and looking and want to~touch~ it….you have a senseof design and color that i don'tbut that is exceedingly pleasingand satisfying for me and that ican learn much fromTHANK YOU for this…! and alsohow your hair and shoes match!

  6. arlee says:

    I thought they were tiny squares–this is FABulous!!!!! WOW!! A real beauty.

  7. Judy Whaites says:

    I like your idea of adding to it over the years so it continues to grow.

  8. karen says:


  9. had to laugh. i came back this eve to see if you'd commented yetand read what i'd said about hair and shoes matching….this afternoon, i finally did inmy berkenstock sandals completely.they fell apart.…i guess my shoes and hair match too! we are TWINS! (sorta).

  10. Sweetpea says:

    Lovely to see the whole and remember the bits and pieces as you posted them!

  11. Kaye Turner says:

    Thanks, everyone. Sorry Grace, had a bit of a hectic day yesterday… I'm not normally a 'proper grown-up shoes' kinda gal – boots and flat pumps are my usual choice. Matching hair and shoes is good though. Nice to think of us as twins 🙂

  12. ger says:

    It´s great… – pleased to meet the upper + bottom portions of you (amazing how the mind seems to be able to construct a complete picture from parts…)

  13. Kaye Turner says:

    Ger, the rest of me is very camera-shy 😉

  14. Kayla coo says:

    A very beautiful quilt.x

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