May your sun shine brightly on this longest day
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10 Responses to Solstice

  1. @home says:

    Love the sun,Happy summer solstice,I wish everyday was longer, so I could achieve more each day!

  2. Deborah says:

    Lovely stitching! I guess I've gotten behind with reading blogs and I see you've made a few changes. It looks great and I can relate to your thoughts about identity. Happy summer solstice!

  3. ger says:

    What a glow… – reminds me that I want to dig out my Blue Sun + spend some time with it…!

  4. Art4Sol says:

    Enjoying your rays…beautiful choice of colors!

  5. nocton4 says:

    Happy Solstice to you, brightest blessings x

  6. maggi21 says:

    It certainly has shone brightly, all day. I like what you have done with your sun and rays.

  7. karen says:

    may your sun shine brightly every day! Love the vibrancy of this.

  8. Barbara says:

    Hi,I have really enjoyed the last couple of posts … it is good to know that others haved started with my same hesitations of the online world. Feeling that everything has to be perfect …I like the new face, it is beautiful!Very best wishes,Barbara

  9. I am absolutely LOVING your SUN! We have a semi blue sky and the first sunlight I've seen in weeks! Your First Day of Summer Sun reminds me that even though the rays are sometimes hiding, the sun is still there waiting to break through! HuGGs! Debi

  10. I was working on a sun image last week, I like the layering to your background. I

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