This is the sky I began last week.  The ancient stones dotted around Britain fascinate me, and for some reason I suddenly remembered a primary school trip to Rudston Monolith, Britain’s tallest standing stone. 
I like words that literally translate, like this one: monos [Greek, ‘alone’] and lithos [Greek, ‘stone’] – a stone alone.  I like assonance, too.
So, is it a story?  I probably think more than is necessary, and I know I tend to over-analyse.  I will take Arlee’s and Deb’s advice and just do what I do without worrying too much about what I’m calling it. 

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10 Responses to Monolith

  1. Jacky says:

    Your monlith piece is wonderful, makes a real statement. Love the background too, all of those different fabrics and stitching give it great texture.Jacky xox

  2. ger says:

    Good advice… – perhaps things + people should be renamed once in a while anyways, like they do in some old cultures…

  3. arlee says:

    OH: the UK's "hoodoos" 🙂 great ambience!

  4. Susan says:

    I like this so much. Things and moments remembered are my favorite stories. I think this is most definitely a story. Soft and bold all at once.It's fun to look around and see everyone contemplating "story" and where it is leading…

  5. Sweetpea says:

    Imagine the stories that stone would tell if it could talk! This piece is developing beautifully, K, and it's very exciting to watch where you are taking it. I'm in agreement – just do what you do and it will take on a life and story through that process…Happy stitching!

  6. Really gorgeous.twiggy x

  7. I adore your landscape and the colours you have usedx

  8. i just love your use of color…i want to go here, and lie on my back at the base of this monolith, close my eyes and breathe it all in.

  9. Great composition. You have the stone being so strong in the foreground with that greeat subtle sky in the background.

  10. ancientcloth says:

    Fascinating! After looking at your piece I had to take a look at the stones for myself…it looks likecrop circles in the stones! Amazing.Love your idea of stitching them.I wonder if they were etching the position of the stars in the stones?

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