Stories set in stone

Cup and ring marks are often found on ancient British stones, notably those in Northumberland.  Why did ancient hands carve these circular marks in stone like this?  I like to think that, in the days before pen and paper, people might have been recording stories on rock.  I added something similar to my monolith:

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12 Responses to Stories set in stone

  1. Chris Gray says:

    I really like this piece Karen…the colours and the patterns work so well together.

  2. @home says:

    This is beautiful, I am intrigued by the thread you've used,which shows up on the middle picture in particular, have you sewn with two threads at once?

  3. nocton4 says:

    amazing, love spirals xx

  4. Stories written on stone… what a lovely thought for YOUR story. The second I saw it I said "YES". That was exactly what your standing stone needed. Now, what if what is written on the stone tells you where you will go if you lay your hand on it and concentrate?

  5. Karen Turner says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words.Debi, I'll listen carefully :-)@home, I used space-dyed cotton perle thread on the wavy lines. The spiral is whipped running stitch, with one thread for the running stitch and a different one for the whipping.

  6. Patty says:

    Ah, I've been thinking of circles and spirals too. Really like that colorful thread…is it cotton?

  7. Kaite says:

    i think those marks must be universal because they're also found on rocks down here…k.

  8. Barbara says:

    Hi,I think this work is truly wonderful ~ (I love that you have shown some details) and I love how my eye rests on the stone … travels around and then comes back to the stone!Very best wishes,Barbara

  9. Karen Turner says:

    Patty, yes it's cotton thread – various weights of perle plus some unknown thick cotton sewing thread that I dyed.Kaite, that makes it even more intriguing, doesn't it? The fact that these same symbols show up across the globe since earliest times…

  10. sweetypie says:

    ooh, now I really like that very very much very thnought provoking

  11. karen says:

    beautiful work Karen, it's been a long time!! where did the week go???

  12. ancientcloth says:

    Love this! Like "crop circles"in stone. Just beautiful.

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