I’m ready to call Monolith finished.  It seems to have taken a long time to complete this cloth, but that somehow seems appropriate for a subject so ancient.

I think there will be more cloths featuring stones and their cup and ring mark stories…

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19 Responses to Completion

  1. Kaite says:

    it's very peaceful Karen, and looks as tho it has been standing there for a long time…k.

  2. Cee says:

    I like how this has come together – the pattern in the horizontal stone echoing the monolith – and the detail of the grass is lovely.

  3. Karin says:

    Beautiful piece with lots of interesting details. I really like the way you combined those colors.

  4. Angelcat says:

    Monolith, is beautiful. The colours are fantastic, and I love the stitching detail on the standing stone

  5. arlee says:

    magic ground it's on too

  6. Sweetpea says:

    YES, K, you must do more! I'm so glad I clicked to view it larger, see the detail. I have just noticed that one side of the stone is a frayed edge…as if the wind is blowing off its back!

  7. Judy Whaites says:

    I like your colours and textures specially the way you have formed the grass. Nice work.

  8. Karen says:


  9. Congratulations on finishing this peaceful piece of work. It has all come together so well – the colours, stitching and design. Well done! Monolith masterpiece!

  10. yes. very ancient but also veryalive.

  11. Deborah says:

    All of the elements have come together nicely. I love the spirals.

  12. Victoria says:

    congratulations on finishing… the final results prove that the time was well spent.

  13. Karen Turner says:

    Thank you, everyone.

  14. twhIch aye says:

    ooooooooohhh beautiful! i was just at windthread and thought grace's helper a monolith. time tellers, speakers, keepers, helpers.

  15. deemallon says:

    what I love about this, besides the thing itself, is the way that it brings you, and us, your viewers, right to the ground where you ARE… a refreshing bit of locality and geography online… perhaps something for all of us to wonder and think about. would anyone want to look at telephone wires, rooftops, off ramps, and paved roads? itching about it.The treatment of the ground IS, as arlee points out, very very lovely.

  16. deemallon says:

    wires, rooves, stoplights, being where I am… BTW

  17. angelina says:

    wow. this is gorgeous!

  18. Karen Turner says:

    Well, roofs and pavements where I am too, Dee… but this seemed like a good place for my head to go…And thanks, Angelina.

  19. Heather says:

    This is such a deep and restful piece. My soul feels safe, looking at it.

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