… and more…

Another collar:

Crocheted, or tatted – I’m not sure – but very finely worked.  The inner neck circumference is just 11″, so this was for a very small person.
And just under a yard of very fine cutwork lace, measuring about 5″ wide:

A fragment of something very old:

And another curiosity:

This measures around 9″ x 10″ and has a drawstring tape that is 36″ long, fastening by means of quite a modern-looking hook and eye.  The edges are hemmed by hand.  The seven vertical lines are minuscule pintucks, also sewn by hand, and the two strips along the bottom appear to be 1″ lengths of lace that have been attached to the rectangle of net ground. 

Initially, I thought some kind of apron.  But if this was worn as an apron, the birds along the edge would be upside down, which doesn’t seem right.  Some sort of upright bib that attached to an apron?  I quite like a good mystery…

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6 Responses to … and more…

  1. maggi says:

    Beautiful lace in these last two posts.

  2. Barbara says:

    What lovely laces and silks! I used to know something about lace but seem to have forgotten most of it. Are you going to just love these pieces or will they find their way into your work at some point?

  3. Karen Turner says:

    The intention, Barbara, is to love them as part of my collection of precious and ancient things… but the best laid plans of mice and men, as they say… I think I need a cupboard like yours 🙂

  4. Karen…would the last piece with the birds be some sort of modesty inset…to wear under a low V neck? I think there is a word for these, but it escapes me at the moment.

  5. Karen Turner says:

    Possible… thanks for the suggestion, fabrique

  6. Is the word 'gilet' ? cane to me as I was having a cup of tea.

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