Embroidery with silk

It’s many years since I did any real proper grown-up embroidery.  You may remember this fragment of eighteenth century silk fabric:

Although this is woven into the fabric rather than embroidered, I really like the tactile quality of the motif. 
I traced the design onto tracing paper…

… and then transferred the design to a piece of silk antung fabric.  I backed the silk with a piece of silk organza as it needed stabilising a little and then put both layers of silk into an embroidery hoop.  Here it is in progress:

You can see I changed the colours a little.  This is because I wanted to embroider on silk with silk thread, and I don’t have a huge colour palette in silk thread.  I wanted to observe the maxim ‘do what you can with what you have’.  The request for a nice broad palette of silk thread might be going in my letter to Santa.
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10 Responses to Embroidery with silk

  1. beth says:

    This is beautiful.

  2. crafts@home says:

    Wow, that must have taken hours! It's really beautiful…

  3. maggi says:

    A beautiful interpretation and made even more special by using what you have available. You may have a limited colour palette but it is a gorgeous one.

  4. Barbara says:

    Wow – that certainly is real grown-up embroidery – and it looks tremendous. Now I'm trying to remember where I put my embroidery stuff …

  5. Kaite says:

    how satisfying for you, beautiful work and a lovely colour palette…k.

  6. Amo House says:

    Lovely work Karen. And a very reasonable and quite sensible request to Santa too! I hope he listens hard.

  7. Karen Turner says:

    Barbara, it will be in a cupboard somewhere :-)And yes, very satisfying, and very enjoyable. Thank you all for the encouragement.

  8. And what beautiful embroidery work this is!!! You may have a limited number of silk threads but it still is enough to make the definition!

  9. Such a beautiful piece, love seeing the process and inspiration xo

  10. karen says:

    the embroidery is beautiful but you know what… I adore that tracing!! Only 2 numbers last night I'm afraid!!

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