… making order out of the chaos that has been my workroom over the last couple of weeks.  Our house is still up for sale, but with house prices still falling and economic confidence in this area at a very low ebb, we are having to face the possibility that we may not be able to sell at present.  My husband needs a place to study for his Open University degree, and with only two bedrooms, we have had to do some major reshuffling in order to temporarily make space for both of us.  Previously, our clothes were spread across two rooms, as was my art equipment.  Storage space was a real problem, but with a bit of creative thinking we have been able to rehome all the clothes in the bedroom – and what a simple luxury that is! – and all my art/textile equipment in the back bedroom, which will become our shared workroom.  Once the clothes were moved, we ended up with this spare wardrobe:

Lots of available space, but only if you pile everything up inside it.  And the thing you would most want would always be the thing at the very bottom of the pile.  So here’s our idea, with woodworking by hubs:

Fit it with three shelves and you get a pretty good fabric store.  Still a work in progress, but much better than my previous fabric storage system:

This space, next to the wardrobe, now has a second cupboard, with more shelves, which will store threads, lace, ribbon, paper and art media.  I’ll be working on organising all that this week.  Pictures soon.

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7 Responses to Slowly…

  1. Amo House says:

    It looks good. It's also quite nice to remind yourself of what you actually have. And then have a head full of more things to make. Eek! My daughter is doing her OU degree under their stairs. Very Harry Potter!

  2. Lyn says:

    It will be lovely to be able to hide it all away but still be able to get at it when needed!loveLynxxx

  3. Sweetpea says:


  4. karen says:

    looking good! My stuff is spread over the whole house and I mean the WHOLE house!

  5. Deborah says:

    Nice cupboard. Looks like a great way to organize your supplies.

  6. I have the same problem, my work room doubles as the only spare room for guests so I have three wardrobes and my DH put shelves in for all my plastic boxes so my space is clutter free and it only takes me an hour or two to get ready for peeps staying :o) unlike before it used to take a couple of days moving stuff. Hope you are surprised and sell your house sooner x

  7. Barbara says:

    Hi, I wish you a quick and simple house sale … those are the best. What a wonderful job re-organizing but, I know alot of work. Keep going, it looks like it will be done soon!Very best wishes,Barbara

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