And little lace book the second

Very similar to the first, so I won’t repeat unnecessarily here.  Same size, same sort of format, but this one has 12 pages and 10 lace fragments, again from my own personal collection of antique lace.  Still two blank pages at the end, and two broderie anglaise pockets in the inside covers.

Front cover

Inside cover and first page
Pages 2 and 3
Pages 4 and 5

Pages 6 and 7, with my favourite little bit of hand-embroidered muslin on the left

Pages 8 and 9
Page 10 and Page 11 blank for your own treasures
And the final page and inside back cover 

This will be joining its partner in the shop.  There will only ever be two of these.

Over the weekend I’ll also be adding these to the shop:

… and perhaps working on The Sketchbook Project.  Enjoy your holiday weekend.

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5 Responses to And little lace book the second

  1. Oh…I think I'm in love. The little book is a joy.

  2. Jenevieve says:

    How sweet that little lace book is! 🙂 x

  3. Deborah says:

    Lovely little book.

  4. kaite says:

    how lovely your lace books are, but i couldn't bear to part with them. k.

  5. Deb G says:

    Your lace book is wonderful! I have a lot of lace that my great grandmother made, this gives me an idea…

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