The Sketchbook Project – setting the scene

The first two pages:

Layered papers with gesso and ink wash.

Already I’m thinking of this as a cloth, stitched with layered fabrics.

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7 Responses to The Sketchbook Project – setting the scene

  1. nocton4 says:

    wonderful x

  2. Trudis Felt says:

    These papers with gesso and ink wash are fantastic!

  3. Jensters says:

    Such beautiful colours too.

  4. karen says:

    it looks like tthere is a lot of playing going on at your house. and the pins are purely coincidental! or subconscious choice???

  5. kaite says:

    lovely start, beautiful blues, do you have a light muslin back to it?

  6. Karen Turner says:

    So far this is just on paper, Kaite. It will probably exist on cloth at some point though! Karen, I'm enjoying myself immensely 🙂 And thank you, nocton, Trudi and Jens.

  7. arlee says:

    paper fabric fabric paper–as long as it stitches! make yourself a "copy" so you won't cry when you send the completed journal in 🙂

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