Old Silk

This will be the last treasure to enter the shop for a while.  I’d like to share some of my very precious antique silk fabrics.  The fragments of silk are very small – about 2-4″ – and very old, mostly 18th and 19th century.  Despite their age, they remain reasonably robust and all have survived a recent gentle handwash and warm iron.

I didn’t stitch these silk pieces onto book pages because I wanted people to be able to pick up the fabrics and handle them freely.  These pieces of silk feel nothing like modern silk.  They are almost weightless, very fine, and some are handwoven.  They are safe inside this folding case, where the ends fold outwards…

… and the central covers fold upwards…

The case is all hand stitched in (modern) silk fabrics and silk thread, and the edges are bound with silk dupion.  These are now both sold and on their way to new homes (thank you). 

Thank you all for your support on yesterday’s post.

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5 Responses to Old Silk

  1. Marti says:

    Karen, you have such a lovely way with cloth. The idea of a little holder of these old silks for tactile exploring is wonderful. Looking at this makes me feel quietly refreshed, renewed, calm, the green and blues wrapped around me; much like taking a dip into a pond hidden away in a glen. Beautiful.

  2. Karen Turner says:

    Thank you, Marti, for such kind words. You really made my day.

  3. ahhhhh ~the central flaps take thisbeyond beautiful into an entirelydifferent realm….and thecolors, ahhh again. there isa humming going on here.

  4. Karen Turner says:

    thank you, Grace. 18th century colours… trying to stay in keeping with the contents.

  5. What better little piece of craft work to complement another beautiful piece of craft. The folder is such a lovely idea to carry these treaures – perhaps it could be used for other works also. Just beautiful!

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