Becoming more

The lace patchwork cloth grew a little.  You don’t get the full effect in a photograph, but the blue strip along the bottom edge and the lilac torn square are both silk chiffon and therefore semi-transparent, allowing the layers beneath to remain visible.  This cloth is growing very slowly, and I have to allow for the fact that it seems to need a lot of resting time between stitches. 

Time, although not visible or tangible, is so much a part of any hand stitched cloth; possibly even the greatest part.  A hidden component and yet a vital ingredient.  I think of the immeasurable, patient time that past women have spent stitching, and it feels like a generous gift from history that I get to share a little of that time too.

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7 Responses to Becoming more

  1. karen says:

    you express so beautifully in your posts the things I too feel about my cloth yet never say. Very matter of fact and practical that's my problem, it is what it is and somehow it's enough for me to know how it makes me feel but I sometimes wonder if I would feel better for sharing.

  2. kaite says:

    i'm enjoying watching the tiny steps along the path with this old lace, you're working beautifully with it…k.

  3. Karen I love the layering effect and the fact that you can see your stitching through the silk chiffon.Time is NOT of the essence in the work you are doing and resting allows for ideas to develop!

  4. Gunnels blog says:

    Hi! I think your blog and your works are so beautiful !!!! I need new inspirations, I want to beginn / continue with my stitching, but I have no inspiration … But a visit here was so fun !!!!

  5. love the way you 'personalize' your pieces, talk to them, regard their feelings….lol….I do the same with my antique quilts, or even a piece of knitting.

  6. Sandra says:

    Hi Karen,Thanks for your immediate reaction!You've worded the time component lovely here. And it's nice to think about all the women stitching in the past, sharing that same time with them feels as an honour.XXX

  7. Chris Gray says:

    slow and thoughtful is good… the colours…

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