Moving things around

I decided to move the Sketchbook Project to its own page – click on the tab at the top of this page and you should be able to see all the pages so far, and more importantly, in the right order.  It was bothering me that posting in the conventional way meant that the pages were appearing in reverse order, and you had to read from the bottom of the page up. 
I’ve made a small start on making some fabric pages based on the Sketchbook Project theme – pictures soon. 
I spent a large proportion of the week ironing after a mammoth dye session:

All dyed with Procion, in the spirit of using what I had.  I’m pleased with the muted shades, achieved by diluting the colour and reducing the dye time.  I also discovered that you can dye cotton tapestry canvas – the ‘Penelope’ type (the double-holed variety) takes dye quite well, shrinks quite a lot and comes out very soft, like fabric.

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7 Responses to Moving things around

  1. jude says:

    gee i never thought of dyeing the canvas.

  2. jan says:

    Love the colours you've got!

  3. Karen Turner says:

    Thanks, Jan. Jude, I just thought I'd try it… just to see what happened…

  4. Chris Gray says:

    ..lovely basket of treasures!…aren't dyeing days soooooooo rewarding:-)

  5. Makes me think of a cottage garden flower border. Such pretty subtle colors. Love the green and lilac threads! Nice job! I died some very heavy canvas earlier in the year when my friend Megan was visiting and it came out very nice, can't remember what we put it in, one of the natural dyes we treated ourselves to, but it has a very rustic feel in a sort of pale coffee color. Maybe it was logwood?

  6. all, a collection of inspiration,but i love the threads best…am going to try some canvas i havehad never thought to do that..thanks!

  7. Karen Turner says:

    Grace, I just love dyeing threads. Good luck with the canvas 🙂

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