Transformed by the light

This cloth is now finished, although at present it remains nameless.  It spent a few days resting and then, suddenly, it knew what it wanted:

Just a little more stitching here and there and a couple of hand-dyed vintage doilies.

The thing I find most interesting about this cloth is the way the light transforms it:

And from the back:

                                                                                       ….Isn’t that magical?

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11 Responses to Transformed by the light

  1. deanna7trees says:

    very like pojagi…lovely.

  2. iHanna says:

    Very cool piece,and yes, it's magic how light transforms and changes things. πŸ™‚

  3. I LOVE how it looks backlit by light! It looks completely different and so translucent. ;~) Debi

  4. So that's what you've been up to. I love it! And the transparency of it is fabulous!

  5. nandas says:

    now that back is inspiring… shows how good the design really is! really nice piece on either side!

  6. maggi says:

    A beautiful piece and so ethereal from the back.

  7. Barbara says:

    Hi Karen,Magical is a good word … it is amazing how different this is in every different light.The composition really speaks …Beautiful,Very best wishes,Barbara

  8. Jensters says:

    Karen this is a wonderful piece of stitchery… the light through the back too x

  9. Karen Turner says:

    thank you πŸ™‚

  10. wow, that is amazing with the light through it. Great colours, well done.

  11. karen says:

    I really like that little area of cross stitches, the whole piece is beautiful.

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