What kind of stitch

Running stitch – so old, so basic, but still one of the best.

It’s honest, trustworthy and it works hard. It’s strong and capable, simple yet effective.  You can rely on running stitch to just get on with the job without protest or fuss.  It does what it’s told, and it stays where you put it.  It holds layers together and joins seams; it can be large or small, long or short, thick or thin.  The kind of solid, dependable stitch everyone needs.
So if you were a stitch, what kind of stitch would you be?
Just a bit of anthropomorphic silliness for a Friday morning.

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24 Responses to What kind of stitch

  1. crafts@home says:

    Blanket stitch πŸ™‚ pretty and useful

  2. kaite says:

    i'm a bit partial to a crossed blanket stitch right now…kaite

  3. jude says:

    i would like to be a tiny back stitch. strong and sure, holding things together but shy and unaggressive. loving the moment of stepping back and assessing the situation before moving forward.

  4. arlee says:

    backstitch in a solid line but in variegated colours, wandering around πŸ™‚

  5. Sandra says:

    I would like to be a split back stich πŸ˜‰ just to have the feeling of choice.I'm almost addicted to basting. It's so meditative!!!I had a look at your sketchbook project. You made such lovely drawings. There is much feeling in it. Love them.xxx

  6. Chris Gray says:

    …me…….a fly stitch……flitting here and there πŸ™‚

  7. deanna7trees says:

    a cross stitch…going in opposite directions but meeting in the middle…

  8. invisible baste.the one that begins the mergingof the layers, causing thatfeelinghmmm. interesting question andinteresting answer that i hadno hesitation about.xo to you, karen

  9. helen says:

    Chain stitch came to my mind first, I guess because I'm a little twiste (ha!), secure, decorative , try to be helpful (so funtional), and it seems I have a hard time with decisions, so start out , then turn back, then go forward again. What a fun post for a friday!

  10. Storycloth says:

    Kanthas running stitch – holding several layers – making old weaknesses into strength – old stories into new without denying the old. Great question. Gilly

  11. Penny says:

    A French knot – totally frivolous and turning in on itself all at the same time!

  12. Karen Turner says:

    This is quite inspirational! Can you imagine what a glorious embroidery we would make if we all got together?

  13. Wooni says:

    A scroll stitch, swirling around and flying away and swirling once again. Leaving a curvy winding road of where I have been leading curiously to where I shall end.

  14. ACey says:

    cross stitch no doubt. it is my favorite reminder that each moment is a fresh choice/crossroad plus ongoing signifier of the four cardinal directions *or* their half-way points. jumped over from jude's blog and could not resist chiming in.

  15. ancientcloth says:

    My favorite is the running stitch with variegated thread.I like the the solid look and texture it gives and the different colors in the thread "color my world"and keep me entertained. πŸ™‚

  16. EMBELLISHER says:

    Running stitch for me.Its my favourite its so versatile.

  17. julochka says:

    a french knot. for sure. even tho' i've never been to france. πŸ™‚

  18. Mnemosyne says:

    i think i'd be a stem stitch. it did take some thought. and i'm not sure why. this was a great question.

  19. And you do them so well :)A wheat ear stitch. I enjoyed learning that one. Simple and rustic.

  20. I would be a french knot in a glamorous, frivolous, fancy, variegated yarn but subtly a different colour to the kindred french knot sitting right next to me

  21. Karen Turner says:

    Thank you all for joining in – this has been fun πŸ™‚

  22. Els says:

    the running stitch is quite good!! … but to be honest: since Jude learned us the split back stitch well, I think I'm switching to thΓ‘t one,especially when I'm doing the little faces for my Patchwork Beasts!Els.

  23. iNdi@na says:

    for a sagittarian like meit has to be running stitchwe're always running…

  24. Karen Turner says:

    India – me too πŸ™‚

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