Thank you for the reassurance on the continuing cloth book.  I thought I’d mention today how much compositional rearranging is necessary in the transition from paper to cloth.  The pages of the paper version of this book are about 8″ (height) by 5″ (width), whereas the cloth pages are 8″ (height) by 10″ (width) – which doesn’t sound that much different, until you take into account that the cloth pages are single pages only.  The pages will be stitched together in pairs, back to back, before being bound.  That means that I have to plan quite carefully where each double page spread will be, and redraft the composition accordingly before beginning to stitch.  You can probably see this process more easily in a picture:

The left hand page is coming along nicely and should be finished in a couple of days or so.  I’m using drafting paper (very thin – not as thick as computer printer paper but more substantial than tissue paper) to adapt the design.

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6 Responses to Redrafting

  1. kaite says:

    i like the slightly larger format, there's room to relax…k.

  2. Trudi says:

    I am soooo loving following your journey with this project. So very inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

  3. Robyn says:

    This is so beautiful and I have never seen anything like it before.I'm very pleased that you are sharing it all here on your blog.It's inspiring.

  4. Karen, you are clever! I think you are an amazing illustrator! And love to watch this pass over onto cloth. These pages are beautiful, love this palette, can't wait to see it's transformation.HugsC.

  5. Sandra says:

    It's really growing into a lovely book. It must be so nice to touch it.

  6. Karen Turner says:

    Thank you for these kind words.

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