Page Ten into Cloth

I have to admit to being quite pleased with this one.  It took DAYS, despite its small size.

This little area is pieced patchwork, hand-pieced over paper and then applied to the background.  I’m particularly pleased with the portcullis, which is a half-inch square of painted tapestry canvas.  There’s an element of miniaturism with this, and I’m really enjoying finding the details.

The foreground is batik cotton fabric layered with hand-dyed cotton scrim, with applied cotton stones and a few hand stitches.

I decided to move all the writing for this page onto the next page, which will sit next to it in a double page spread.
Thank you again for all your support and wonderful comments.  I try to reply to all comments individually by email, but many of you have ‘no reply’ blogger addresses, which means that I can’t thank you personally.

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21 Responses to Page Ten into Cloth

  1. You should be proud of that one, its a beauty. Really well balanced, colour and composistion.

  2. yvette says:

    very beautiful

  3. Gina says:

    This is beautiful Karen. It's lovely to see each of these pages develop

  4. Liz says:

    Putting in the many details is the fun bit, but you have to have the mindset not to be in a hurry! I am making my first book, nothing flash, I am using some cloth to cloth samples from Jude hill workshop. I have the three signatures and now need to add the cover. Your lace book is nearby!Liz

  5. ancientcloth says:

    lovely colors and amazing detail.:)

  6. kaite says:

    that's beautiful Karen, miniature work such as this is very time consuming but so rewarding when done well as yours is. k.

  7. karen says:

    Oh this is so gorgeous!!

  8. Penny says:

    What a beauty!! You've captured a lovely scene piece by piece and thread by thread!

  9. Serena says:

    you are flying through this thingand it is beautifuli wish i had your drawing ability. wow.

  10. Angelcat says:

    Wow, this is a gorgeous page. The colours are wonderful

  11. Karen Turner says:

    Thanks, everyone. Liz, I'm delighted to hear you're working on your cloth book – would love to see it!

  12. ger says:

    Wish I were a pin person – I´d move to that village right away…

  13. sweetypie says:

    wow! love it, love it love it.

  14. Jenevieve says:

    Fantastic, I think it's my favourite page so far! 🙂 x

  15. This is my favorite page so far. It may have taken a long time, but it is sooo worth it. Wow!

  16. Suzanna says:

    Exquisite! and inspiring…

  17. Wooni says:

    These pages are all beautiful. I have one question though, why are you making it? Is it just for you or is there another purpose?

  18. Karen Turner says:

    Ger, I'd like to live there too. Wooni, I'm making it just for me, just for the pleasure of it. It's based on the Sketchbook Project, which I will have to send away soon. I wanted to make a version I could keep, since I have to send the paper version back to America. It's also going to be a good 'portfolio' exercise, building up a personal body of work.

  19. Wooni says:

    How wonderful indeed. Such a colorful and beautiful portfolio! And if I may ask where are you sending the sketchbook?

  20. Els says:

    This is really great stitching, Karen! (and piecing 😉 ) I love all the tiny details.

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