Spinning a wish

The heart from yesterday is a piece of hand-dyed mawata silk square, stitched down with lots of seeding stitches in space dyed thread.  The texture on the heart itself is a little like very fine felt, though it has the distinctive feel of silk fibre.  I hand spun a little silk fibre from the end of the silk square to wind around the little spindle, which is made from a bit of kebab stick and a scrap of wood veneer.  The background is hand-dyed silk, and is very lustrous.

I see from the photograph that the words don’t show up that well on this one.  They’re much more readable in ‘real life’, thankfully.

I don’t know how durable this little spindle will be.  The whorl is elliptical, not round, so the whole thing doesn’t stand much proud of the page.  I’m hoping that the surrounding pages will cushion it sufficiently to offer some protection.

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5 Responses to Spinning a wish

  1. Penny says:

    I like it when the words aren’t too obvious. It brings the observer in closer to see all your wonderful stitches.

  2. Penny says:

    Oh my, each page continues to amaze me! I love, love, love the tail of the ‘heart kite’. Your stitching is, as always, wonderful. Thanks for sharing each and every page.

  3. Christi says:

    I love this thought that you are working on… and it makes me think about spinning my own wishes into threads – could I fill them with this much heart?

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