Castles in the air

This is the other half to yesterday’s page.  I don’t really need to say much about this one.

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  1. Not much to say… no I think you are right, it is fantastic and speaks for itself! How did you do the rock for the castle? its really effective.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Thanks, Joanna. The rock is hand dyed silk, with very small pieces of silk chiffon layered over. The chiffon is translucent and represents shadows very effectively.

  2. @home says:

    It’s beautiful!

  3. kaite says:

    yes, this one is definately “castles in the air”, you are so quick with them…k.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Well, no, not that quick really… I think this one took about three days. There’s a slight time lapse between what I’m stitching and what I’m posting.

  4. Jan Marriott says:

    Oh…fantastic….my favorite so far (I think I have said this before)

  5. Marti says:

    Each page a little story speaking from cloth and needle and thread; no words needed because we can each of us see what are eyes and hearts tell us.

  6. Penny says:

    Oh boy, I think this might be my favorite (so far). This is lovely. Your stitching and detail are wonderful. I say give yourself a chocolate treat for this one!!! *smile*

  7. Clare W says:

    Your last few posts have been really magical – they have made me swoon

  8. Gill watson says:

    This is fabulous! Are you going to show us how you did it??

    • Karen Turner says:

      Erm… no 🙂
      It’s the same technique as the other pages, really, Gill. Just layered fabrics on the background; hand-pieced patchwork for the castle and various bits of embroidery and applique. It probably looks more complicated than it is. The scale makes it a bit fiddly (this is just 8″ x 10″) but not difficult.

  9. karen says:


  10. serenapotter says:

    i absolutely adore this.

    i think your time lapse idea is quite smart. difficult to show much new with hand stitching. you are still working remarkably fast.

    i have enjoyed them all.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Thanks, Serena. I like to have a couple of posts ‘in hand’ in case of emergencies. I think Jude does it best – just showing a tantalising glimpse of something without necessarily showing the whole thing all at once. I’m going to try and learn from that when this book is done.

      • serenapotter says:

        i agree. she definitely does it best, i’ve found it very difficult though, mainly because i work large and mainly in patchwork. it’s not difficult to always guess the outcome. but that has be embracing the need to push further. which is probably a good one.
        doing the unexpected.

  11. The Princess says:

    Nice work. Do you also live in a castle?

  12. Barbara says:

    Hi Karen,
    I have really enjoyed getting caught up with your blog … every post has been a treat to see your work!
    Very best wishes,

  13. Judith Eddington says:

    WOW! That is so beautiful, its like the page out of a book of fairy tales. It feels really magical. You are so talented!

  14. Victoria says:

    I wish you could see the pages of Karen’s book – the photographs do not do justice to the absolutely stunning pictures Karen has created. The strong colours are much more vibrant and the softer shades are so much more varied and subtle. The night time pages have so many layers of differently coloured fabrics and the visual effect is amazing. The texture of the many many varied types of fabrics have to be seen to be appreciated – they are superb. I have seen so much of Karen’s creative work and was almost stunned into silence by the Distaff Side Quilt but with this book Karen has really excelled herself.

  15. Debi Minter says:

    WoW! This is so incredibly detailed. I’m in awe!

    ;~) Debi

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