Many stories, many dreams

Again, one of a pair.  The background is layered sparkly lace, web-patterned lace and a top layer of hand dyed cotton scrim.  The hearts are cut from felted wool.

The end really is in sight now.

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4 Responses to Many stories, many dreams

  1. Penny says:

    So fanciful and ethereal all at the same time!

  2. serenapotter says:

    i bet you’re feeling a little WOOO HOOO coming on. Any idea what’s next for you? similar theme, similar set up, all new ?

    • Karen Turner says:

      Well, I have a couple of small cloths to finish (ones that I started before the sketchbook thing completely took over my life) and then – big plans for something new. I think this was just something I had to get out of my system, and I believe it’s out now. I’m looking forward to starting the new thing, which I hope will have a lot of mileage – if I can do it justice. Anticipation is such a marvellous thing, isn’t it?

  3. karen says:

    Another wonderful piece! I love the happy feeling from this one. And up next big plans!! I will be watching , how wonderful!

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