Going back

Today I’m continuing to add stitches to a cloth I started a couple of months ago. 

Hand-dyed cotton scrim, old and new lace, sheer ribbon and simple stitches.

Cool colours: blue, green and purple.  Winter colours; colours for turning inwards, for contemplation of the season.  We have cold weather coming later in the week.

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15 Responses to Going back

  1. kaite says:

    it’s good to go back and re-visit the past. cool colours, esp for Winter.

  2. Amanda says:

    It must be nice to be free again without the structure of the little book. Beautiful colours too.

  3. karen says:

    I haven’t been round for a while, (sorry about that) but boy have you been busy!! everything is looking amazing and well done for finishing the book. Don’t work too hard!!

  4. Ger says:

    It looks restful – a change is as good anyways… – guess you are half glad half sad you finished your wonderful book…

  5. deanna cohen says:

    love the colors that emerge when overlapping the scrim. lovely.

  6. Deborah says:

    Lovely colors!

  7. Debi Minter says:

    MMMMmmmm… nice colors. Soothing. Colors bleached out by the winter winds.
    ;~) Debi

  8. tina slipper says:

    that is raaaather lovely and yes , it does seem very reflective and thoughtfull, are you mourning the end of the book?is your mojo having a quiet recharge? I feel, that whilst your stitching is lovely, it shows a distinct lack of jelly beans and maltesas, Iam eating these for you as you read this….

    • Karen Turner says:

      Well, since I don’t like jelly beans or maltesers, I’m grateful that you’re willing to eat them on my behalf. Recharging in preparation for what I hope will be a Great Thing.

  9. Els says:

    Haven’t been here for a bit ( blogging and blog-reading eats up ALL of your time 😉 ) and then: there is SOOOO much to see ! Fantastic work Karen!

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