Already I’ve wandered away from the task a little.  Strayed from the beaten track, as it were.  It happened when I was carving a polystyrene tile to print this tyre pattern:

I didn’t want straight edges along the zig zag pattern, so I cut little triangles off the edge of the polystyrene.  Then I had a little pile of polystyrene triangles.  As you know, I don’t like to waste anything – so I glued them to a piece of card and covered the whole thing with hand-dyed tissuetex and a bit of Treasure Gold rubbing cream:

And then, naturally, I could kind of see that working in fabric:

This is offcuts of thick wool felt laid on a sturdy linen base, covered with hand-dyed silk organza held down with little stitches and beads, about 4″ square.

Tracks… path… crazy paving…  or just plain crazy.  I might use this little sample on the front cover of the finished sketchbook.  Since this year is all about wandering, I’m not too worried about straying from the path now and again.

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15 Responses to Wandering

  1. Gina says:

    What lovely results from a little bit of playing.

  2. maggi21 says:

    That is the good thing about wandering, it can take you to places that you might not otherwise have visited.

  3. Love the end result…experimenting, playing, wandering off the beaten track..as they say..is Good for our Art progressionxxKeep on wandering my friendxlynda

  4. karen says:

    brilliant playing and experimenting!! You are so clever!!

  5. Jan Marriott says:

    I really like the end result….and the beginning, too.

  6. Lilli Sutherland says:

    I love the 3-step process presented as a whole. I can imagine each of the 3 steps being displayed together, with each element stitched to one background (either paper or fabric). To see the development of an idea through its phases is very appealing to me. I hope sometime in the future, you might consider creating this type of trio for sale 🙂

  7. Deborah says:

    Great results!

  8. twhich aye says:

    maybe there will be a lot of little side paths.
    this one would have been a shame to miss!

  9. serenapotter says:

    it’s all good.

  10. sandra says:

    wow, this is so lovely, and symbolic I think, for your new track, your beautiful little stepping stones.

  11. Janice says:

    Crazy paving, stepping stones … actually they remind me of old cobbled streets. Whatever they are, they’re gorgeous. What a lovely way to be sidetracked!

  12. bwilliams says:

    following paths, both physical and mental, often rewards us with beautiful destinations…and then sometimes the journey itself is the reward…in this post both the journey and the destination are a pleasure…or…maybe the destination is just a pause in the journey…we can hope

  13. julochka says:

    i think it’s a beautiful wander…i especially love the color of the thread and the beads in the stitched version.

    but as for the original idea…of a tire track, have you been watching too many detective shows? where does such an idea begin?

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