Making tracks

I’m seeing them everywhere.

When I printed one of these photographs, there were the loveliest blues and greens that I didn’t notice at the scene.

sketchbook page 8" x 8"; photographic image with thread, fabric, yarns and stitch

I liked the colour palette so much I made a little thread-wrapped card, just to preserve the colours for future reference.  Together they have such a ‘winter landscape’ feel.  Well, it is winter, and it was a landscape, of sorts.

At first I was a little surprised by how much I’m enjoying the linear quality of these tyre prints.  I’ve never been aware of being particularly attracted to lines, although I know I like grids – but I see now how much I do like lines, and probably always have done.  I like stripes, and lines of text, and the coloured bands that form abstract landscape paintings.  I like the way a line can be a stabilising element in a design, and that it can hold other shapes on its surface.  Obvious, really.  The thought never occurred to me in this form before.

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14 Responses to Making tracks

  1. karen says:

    careful….you will become addicted to those thread wrapped cards…and you will run out of thread too.

    • Karen Turner says:

      I know, you’re right! I found myself only choosing the bits of thread I know I’ve got a lot of. Surprising how much you use just wrapping it round a bit of card.

  2. arlee says:

    i’ve done that card wrapping to music–totally intuitive: gather lots of colours and weights, try different styles of music, just react and see what you come up with—great way to create new colour combos and moods.
    And i love the direction your tracks are going 🙂

  3. Penny says:

    “I’m seeing them everywhere” reminds me of a photography course I took. We were not allowed to photograph nature and had to walk about town for a few hours photographing “line” …completely alien to me. I was worried that I’d never find anything interesting to photograph! But once you start looking for something specific like line or tracks or texture, it is amazing how those things just pop out in every little nook and cranny.
    Love what you are doing with your tracks.

    • Karen Turner says:

      It’s so true. Our whole environment – natural and manmade – is really made up of just line, shape and colour. So much inspiration, everywhere!
      Thanks for the encouragement, Penny.

  4. Penny says:

    Who would think that tire tracks could be so beautiful. I love it when something ordinary becomes extraordinary.

  5. Deborah says:

    You’ve captured them beautifully!

  6. Love your images and your Art. I too am fasinated by lines..scaffolding, eletric wires, car prints, footprints, fences, the list just goes on!Haxx lynda

  7. sandra says:

    It’s surprising how one’s way of viewing things changes when we focus on one particular aspect. Since I’ve started the drawing education I’ve found myself viewing in light and dark, in shadows, I have never done that before, I used to see only shape, but now I see the dark and light parts first. I love your sketchbook page.

  8. Jan Marriott says:

    I think this is one of the best posts you have done…i was totally in the mood for it.

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