Pacing again

Still on the subject of pacing, I’m conscious that the end of January is fast approaching – outpacing me, as it were – and I realise that the plan will have to undergo some modification.  Originally, I intended to make a sketchbook for each month, with some seasonally appropriate theme; but there is no way I will finish the remaining square samples, two book covers and bind/label/decorate both books in four days.

So I’ve decided to extend the ‘tracks’ theme until – whenever. Until it’s finished.  Traditionally, Imbolc (1st February) sees the start of Spring, but after our extremely cold winter, there is no sign yet of snowdrops or any other kind of spring growth.  Spring seems as if it’s in no hurry, and there’s probably a good lesson there.  I will take my time too, because sometimes time, plans and seasons don’t fit neatly into boxes.

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16 Responses to Pacing again

  1. Elizabeth says:

    No need to hurry because spring is waiting on your doorstep, just take your time and do what you feel needs to be done for this part of the journey called 2011.

  2. Penny says:

    You are so right — why hurry, why put an unnecessary pressure on your spirt and your art? Letting it happen should be more of what we call ‘life’ and ‘art’.

  3. the work..beautiful. I agree with Elizabeth and Penny..go at your own pace and don’t fight your creative spiritx Waving from a VERY cold Putney.lynda xx

    • Karen Turner says:

      My own pace – usually about 100 miles an hour, with no petrol in the tank. This year, much slower. I have very fond memories of Putney, cold or otherwise 🙂

  4. Deborah says:

    So true that there’s no need to hurry. I’m really enjoying your tracks work.

  5. Sweetpea says:

    I guess we can make tracks as fast as a winter hare chased by the fox or as slow as night fog creeping into San Francisco…many ways to make tracks, I suppose ;>}

  6. Storycloth says:

    Ha well yes …’time’ hey! I think it is quite nice to think about infinity from which nothing can be added or taken away. I like the softness of this piece and how it manifests contrast within the whole. Ha if that makes any sense! Gilly

  7. tina slipper says:

    whenever… sounds good to me….

  8. Karen, I love this one! This looks like the cloth may have been dyed with logwood (was it?). I really like the sticthing of the little squares across the center. I’m thinking this is probably an adaptation on teh tire tracks, but they also look like stepping stones.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Thanks, Catherine. Procion, would you believe! Dyed and over-dyed, colours mixed quite muddily and diluted quite heavily. The effect does look quite natural though. And yes, more abstraction/adaptation of tracks – but that’s what I love about abstraction. The original ‘thing’ becomes something quite different.

  9. Janice says:

    I adore this one, Karen!

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