Separate tables

Another 7″ sample today, this time looking at how rows of little track-inspired marks might look on separate grounds.  I used a space dyed thread from Stef Francis in sweetie-colours to make stitches that look good enough to eat.

And is it me, or does that open-weave ground look a bit like a picnic blanket?

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5 Responses to Separate tables

  1. karen says:

    oh I love these. I have a real passion for mounting and displaying things in a methodical and uniform way…they are so precious.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Thanks, Karen. These will all be mounted on plain black cotton pages for the sample book, but I can kind of see how something like this might be quite effective mounted and framed…

  2. Victoria says:

    Just looking at all the lovely sample work you are doing… simply wonderful!

  3. Rachel says:

    Stef Francis does produce some fascinating threads, doesn’t she. And it’s always intriguing to see the colours change through a row of stitching…

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