In search of Spring

I thought Spring was far away after the ferocity of our long, cold winter. This morning I searched for signs that the Spring had returned, and, like all seekers, I found.  Imbolc (1st February) marks the first day of Spring, when we say goodbye to the winter…

… and hello to a new season of growth and rebirth.

So I’m thinking about the track that leads us around the year; the straight path that is actually circular…

… and I’m looking at Spring colours and wondering which path they will take.

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9 Responses to In search of Spring

  1. elizabeth says:

    Spring, a word that sounds like music to my body.

  2. Penny says:

    Light and bright – that’s what we all need right now!

  3. To help cheer you..last night it did not get dark in London till quarter to 5! yeh!!xxlynda your workxx

  4. Deborah says:

    I love the idea of spring being close by!

  5. Els says:

    Yeah, spring to see in our garden too, but not right now : too COLD !

  6. Liz price says:

    that you can see signs of spring is so depressing for someone from the southern hemisphere! but perhaps the changeovers don’t align because I am sure we have all of February left for summer. before I even have to consider the cooler mornings of autumn and the end of daylight saving. i am looking forward to your spring works though

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