A square circle

The patchwork circle is now finished. Part of the ‘search for peace’ series, it is made up of not quite 250 silk squares, ranging from 2″ to 1/2″, all hand-pieced over paper. I used freezer paper so I think I should be able to use the papers again to make another version. I’d like to do the second one in greys and whites: something moon-ish, since this one is somewhat sun-ish. Rather gloomy here today, hence the less-than-perfect photography.

Patchwork circle, approx. 22" diameter

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11 Responses to A square circle

  1. maggi21 says:

    That is gorgeous. I love the sheen of the silk and can see it being equally beautiful in greys and whites.

  2. Janice says:

    Karen, this is wonderful!

  3. Penny says:

    Lovely! I love these ‘spring’ like colors — I’m thinking something with yellows and grey is in my future but haven’t figured out what it is.

  4. Jill says:

    oh this is just beautiful – am inspired to have a go myself 🙂

  5. Rachel says:

    There are some lovely subtle colours here – well done!

  6. gorgeous as usual my friendxxlynda

  7. tina slipper says:

    oh I love it, and it is sunish, sunny in fact!

  8. serenapotter says:

    i love this so much!

  9. Claire says:

    Those muted greens and greys – so beautiful.

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