An oasis

Skipping backwards and forwards between two quilts – and I hope you’re keeping up! – I’ve been working a little more on ‘Sunset’ (or ‘Sunrise’, haven’t decided yet).

This is the lower left hand corner, after more quilting. That central (unquilted) area is a very pale silvery-grey crystal organza, very reflective and shimmery. I’m thinking of it as a little oasis, or perhaps a sunlit dew pond, amid winter fields.

I always vastly underestimate the amount of quilting that is necessary to hold all the layers together properly. Here you can see the full cloth pieced, where the left hand side has been quilted enough and the right hand side hasn’t. Yet.


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9 Responses to An oasis

  1. Jill says:

    lovely, lovely stitching

  2. serenapotter says:

    this one is just so very pretty to me

  3. Rachel says:

    Yes, quilting is always tricky to get right in quantity, isn’t it. Too much and the whole thing becomes flattened and dull, too little and the effect is just wrong.

    That said, I rather like the contrast between the quilted and unquilted areas of the panel!

  4. hi!
    love the very many tiny squares holding everything
    in unison. stitches piecing all cloth together.
    peace . . .

  5. karen says:

    onward indeed!! and watch those fingers!!!!

  6. Janice says:

    Yes, like Rachel I like the contrast between the quilted and unquilted patches – but I do see there is still much to do! However, you work so quickly it will be finished in no time!

  7. It is so beautiful – I love the way the red zings! How big is your work? Keep going onwards and upwards (and sometimes sideways!!)

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