#2 – the patchwork circle

Firstly, let me explain that I did prepare this one a few days ago, lest anyone should think that I haven’t slept since yesterday’s post.

4.5" diameter

This consists of 32 pieces of silk, hand pieced over paper, to make a 4.5″ diameter circle. The silks are a combination of hand-dyes and commercial solids, pieced with silk thread.  The patchwork was VERY fiddly, and not for the faint-hearted. The cotton background was eco-dyed by Cathy Cullis and is a very subtle pale yellow.

This circle is also needle-turned, like the previous one, and also has hand-dyed cotton yarn couched around the edge, just to define the perimeter and unify all the patches of colour.

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5 Responses to #2 – the patchwork circle

  1. karen says:

    There is something so fine about circles! This is a beautiful one and what an amazing work done by hand!

  2. deanna7trees says:

    this is beautiful. such soft colors.

  3. Rachel says:

    And don’t the different panels create such different effects! Lovely – well done!

  4. deb says:

    Oh my!! Beautiful!

  5. looking good and yes l had thought you might have spent the night sewing..addictive isn’t it?x lynda

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