Complete dusk

36" square

Completed during the weekend, and hanging in the workroom. It was quite a challenge to stop before it became too ‘busy’. I often have this feeling of not having done enough, or not having worked hard enough or long enough, to justify calling a piece finished. Nevertheless, I think this one is done.

It has a few little stars: the pale kind that you only see in the very early evening, after the birds have gone to bed.

Today I might look at a few more circles.

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13 Responses to Complete dusk

  1. suzy quaife says:

    Karen this is a piece of magnificent work that you should be so proud of. I admire
    your patience and perfection in work. The colours work so beautifully too!

  2. Christi says:

    Good grief, girl, do you never stop/rest/eat crumpets???
    woooooooosh, and another one is finished! I want to look for all those pale stars.
    Quite beauteous, K….

    • Karen Turner says:

      Let me get a dictionary… not sure what that word ‘rest’ is….
      Stitching is kind-of resting, isn’t it…?
      Sometimes I eat crumpets 🙂
      Thanks, C xx

  3. Rachel says:

    A painter I know says he needs to two of himself – one to paint, and one to holler “Stop” before he overworks the painting. I think embroiderers need the same thing!

  4. quiltfever says:

    This is a beautiful piece. I love the tiny lighter squares in the light side of the moon.

  5. Fiona says:

    subtle and dream-like, love the stitching as well, you have an amazing talent

  6. Penny says:

    Very beautiful – you are following your peaceful theme with this piece also. I love the subtleness (is that a word?) of this and especially the pale stars.

  7. Jude Whaites says:

    This piece is exquisite, you have a good “eye” for blending colours. Love your work!

  8. karen says:

    why do we do it? I’m the same, If I haven’t sweated blood it can’t be finished….this is wonderful though, you should have no doubts at all.

  9. Eva says:

    Incredibly beautiful.

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