Stitching midnight

I’m preparing another quilt for the ‘in search of peace’ series – predictably enough, after Dawn, Sunset and Dusk, I’m calling this one Midnight. It features another large patchwork circle, this time all in white:

This one has a few sheer, semi-sheer and lace patches, so that the background shows through a little here and there.

For the background, I’ve just laid fairly large pieces of very dark blue/grey/purple silk over a piece of black cotton fabric, about 39″ square. I’m in the process of tacking it all down before I begin quilting. The white circle isn’t stitched down yet, which is why you can see little jaggedy edges sticking out around the circumference.

The background is gloriously intense – very, very dark. I wonder if working with something this dark might be quite a challenge. I wonder if it will become oppressive rather than peaceful.

However, I have never been afraid of the dark. In fact I quite like it. I often wander round the house at night without putting any lights on.

And we all have at least a little darkness within, corners where the light never shines and where hope has lost its way. We come from the dark, and we return to it. And on that bright and cheerful note, I’m going upstairs for a day of stitching.

Have a happy day šŸ˜‰

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14 Responses to Stitching midnight

  1. Penny says:

    Karen…You will make it glow like a harvest moon on a rich, dark night.

  2. Rachel says:

    There are some gloriously rich colours there, I agree!

  3. suzy quaife says:

    These are the true colours in the sky after Midnight – those dark colours work so
    well together and contrast beautifully with the moon!

  4. Kim Gibson says:

    i love your circles…. and the moon is sort of my totem…..

  5. Jude Whaites says:

    Another beautiful piece, I love your use of the sheers and the rich intensity of the dark colours. Stunning!

  6. Tina Johnson says:

    All I can think about is your peace circles since I found your site last week. I love dots-all kinds of dots! Now I am pushing myself to use the concept but take it a step further-maybe hexagons that make an optical illusion or something. I would hate to copy your work-so I am trying to find a way to make it my own.

    I have also thought about a circle with a sail in the middle-I love the water and sailing, so that seemed like something do-able. IDK, But I can say that I have not stopped thinking about your circles. They have made an impression on me!


  7. Karen Turner says:

    Thank you, Tina, and welcome. There’s really nothing new about circles in squares, nor using the circle/dot as a moment in time – it’s all been done before, many times, so no need to worry about copying. Artists are magpies, in any case. I like your idea about hexagons very much, and the circle containing a sail sounds very interesting. Would love to hear how it goes. Thanks again for joining me here.

  8. Mary Anne says:

    Hi Karen – thank you for the comment on my blog – I’m returning the favour and have taken a very quick peek around your blog. I will be back when I have more time to explore because I think I’m gonna like it here!!

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